Positive & Constructive Feedback Form (Mt Brydges Minor Hockey)

Positive & Constructive Feedback Form
PLEASE READ: Positive and constructive feedback is essential in opening up communication between the Board and its members. Your input is valuable. Please take a moment at any time during the season to complete the feedback form below. Be assured that your comments will be kept confidential, unless otherwise requested. Your feedback will be reviewed and appropriate action, if any, will be taken based on individual comments or if many comments show a developing theme. Also, keep in mind that this form is NOT the best method to address individual or personal issues/concerns arising from incidences during the season. For these types of issues/concerns, please contact your Parent Rep. We are looking for well thought out feedback. Only feedback that is presented in a professional and courteous manner will be reviewed. Any feedback containing inappropriate language, verbal abuse, bullying or finger pointing will not be reviewed.


Please complete the following:


Please provide us with feedback on what you feel we are doing well and would like us to continue doing.


What improvements/changes would you suggest that we consider. Please provide us with some suggestions on how we can implement them?